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Recent Flutter Templates

Flutter Login Page Design image

Flutter Beautiful Login Page Design and Animation

Lineage OS Servers Status Checker image

Utility to check if the Lineage 2 servers are online or offline

Flutter Page Transition Animation image

Flutter Page-Transition Animation, UI/UX design.

Neomorphism Ui Designs image

Neomorphism UI with Flutter without using any plugin

Todo App image

The classic to-do application where a user can write down all the things he wants to accomplish. Android only.

WhatsApp UI Clone image

WhatsApp UI Clone with Flutter and dart

Google ClassRoom Clone Flutter image

UI design of Google classroom created using flutter and dart

Flutter News App image

Flutter News App with newsapi.org. Developed using the Test Driven Development.

Flutter Drawer With Bloc image

This a sample project shows how we can use flutter Navigation Drawer accross all screen using bloc pattern.

Recent Flutter Blog Posts

How to Run Background Tasks in Flutter image

learn how to use android alarm manager package to run your flutter and dart code in background.

Flutter Fix For Your project requires a newer version of the Kotlin Gradle plugin. image

Flutter fix for your project requires a newer version of the Kotlin Gradle plugin.

Flutter Change Drawer Icon Color and Size image

How to change default drawer icon, change its color and size.